About Us


FAITH GAMES is a family affair! We are, JM and his wife Julie, and his brother Sam. We are a passionate fun-loving trio who are always up for a board game, together or with our kids!

We all love God and have the desire to spread his goodness in everything we do. When we realised there were very few bible-based family board games out there that really helped people grow in their faith, we thought we'd start creating! For the moment we have two games available for download but we have plenty more ideas and hope to offer you a lot more choice in the future. 

Our games are tried and tested by friends, family and people of all ages whose feedback we have taken on board and worked with. We trust you have as much fun playing them as we have had creating them!

Our main hope is that our games will encourage discussion between generations, remind people of how brilliant they are, how much they are loved and help them be who they are truly created to be.

Faith Games is based in Montluçon, a small town right in the middle of France where we all grew up. Our lives led us to different places, but eventually we all felt called to return home and partner with God in His work here. It is a town that has been neglected and made fun of for its economic decline, its isolated positon and working class population; but as a family, a community and through our individual lives our hope is to impact this place for the better, putting it back on the map in all its glory and splendour! The name, Montluçon, means 'mountain of light' and out heart is to see this prophetic name fulfilled. We have huge visions that we hope to bring into existence here and we can’t wait to see people’s lives changed in the process. We need funding for a lot of our ideas so we are trusting that the games we create, while remaining true to ourselves and being something we are passionate about, will eventually help fund some of our local projects.

We would love to get your feedback about the games themselves but also about the conversations you are able to have with your children whilst playing. And if you enjoy them please do share this website with your friends, families and churches.